Health / Alcohol Effects on the Human Body

Drinking much alcohol can affect your health.The Effects were

S. No Effect Details
1 Brain Shrinks It shrinks your brain and it also effects on thinking power.
2 Blackouts When you drink alcohol it creates a temporary loss of consciousness.
3 Dependence It describes a strong, often uncontrollable, desire to drinking problem.
4 Heart Damage It creates problems Cardiomyopathy (Stretching and drooping of heart muscle), Arrhythmias (Irregular heart beat), Stroke and High blood pressure.
5 Diarrhea and Heartburn Alcohol is acidic in nature and irritates small intestine and it throws off the normal speed that food moves through them. So it leads to diarrhea and heart burn also.
6 Liver Damage Drinking Alcohol makes the lever organ fatty and lets thicker, fibrous tissue build up which limits blood flow so liver cells cannot survive and  die and stops working called  as cirrhosis.
7 Infertility Drinking Alcohol can cause inability to conceive children or young.
8 Sexual dysfunction Drinking Alcohol can cause abnormality or impairment in the operation of a specified bodily sex organ or system.
9 Malnutrition Drinking Alcohol can cause unable to use the food that one does eat leads to Malnutrition for the body.
10 Diabetes Alcohol jams insulin (Helps to break down food) making process in the body which causes diabetes.
11 Numbness / Hearing Loss Long term Alcohol drinkers have permanent hearing loss because alcohol damages the nerves and tiny hairs in your inner ear that help you hear.
12 Bones and muscles Heavy Alcohol Drinking stops creating new bone (Bones will become weak), muscle (muscles will become weak) formation.
13 Immune System It weakens Immune System for long term; heavy drinkers are much more likely to get illnesses like pneumonia and tuberculosis.
14 Stomach Acid Alcohol is acidic in nature so long term it may lead to stomach ulcers.
15 Body Temperature Alcohol widens your blood vessels, making more blood flow to your skin which makes your heart to pump the blood faster.
16 Coordination It can also make it harder to keep and control your movements because it interferes with brain’s communication pathways.
17 Sleep It makes you drowsy so you won’t sleep well.
18 Kidneys Drinking Alcohol can cause brain to keeps your kidneys from making too much urine. So it can wear your kidneys down.
19 Cancer Alcohol is a substance capable of causing cancers (Esophageal cancer, Liver cancer, Breast cancer, colorectal cancer, oral cavity cancer (excluding the lips), throat cancer, larynx cancer) in living tissue.

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