Tag Lines / Alcohol

S.No Alcohol Company Name Tag Line
1 Seagram's Men will be men
2 1800 Tequila Just refined enough
3 Absolut Raspberri, swedish raspberry vodka Unleash the Raspberry
4 Amstel Our beer
5 Angostura brand, bitters You've got a taste.
6 Ardbeg, Single Islay Malt Scotch Whisky The Islay malt that sweetly whacks you
7 Artic Frutta, a combination of vodka and fruit juice Break the ice
8 Artic Vodka Artic. 40° from pure wheat.
9 Bacardi Rum Do What Moves You
10 Bad Frog beer The Beer so Good it's Bad
11 Bagpiper whisky Khoob Jamega Rang
12 Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur Let your senses guide you
13 Ballantine Play in moderation
14 Bass Ale A little bit of better
15 Bavaria And now, for a Bavaria
16 Beefeater London Dry Gin Make it a double
17 Bell's Scotch Whisky brand Afore ye go
18 Black Velvet Canadian Whiskey Feel the Velvet
19 Blender’s Pride Live life in style
20 Boddingtons Boddingtons - it's a bit gorgeous
21 Bud Light Famous among friends
22 Budweiser The King of Beers
23 Busch Head for the mountains
24 Carlsberg Probably the best lager in the world
25 Casamigos Brought to you by those who drink it
26 Castlemaine XXXX Australians wouldn't give a XXXX for anything else
27 Celtic Crossing Liqueur, Ireland Find it
28 Champale Malt Liquor Some People Just Know How to Live
29 Chivas Regal premium blended old Scotch This is Chivas Life
30 Cobra beer Live smooth
31 Coors Perfect shot of refreshment
32 Disaronno, Italian liqueur Taste the seduction
33 Don Julio Know Your Tequila
34 Dos Equis Stay thirsty, my friends
35 Double Diamond A Double Diamond works wonders
36 Douglas Green sherry, South Africa Rediscover the delight of Sherry
37 El Jimador Experience Amazing
38 Espolon Tequila Life tastes better naturally
39 Fosters Australian Beer Australian for beer
40 Four Roses Bourbon America's most gifted whiskey
41 Fundador Brandy brand When you want brandy, you say Fundador
42 Gold Eagle beer Sama-samang Mag Jamming
43 Greene King IPA Man Deserves a Proper Pint
44 Guinness Good things come to those who wait
45 Gzhelka, Russian vodka Take me
46 Haig Live a Life Well Lived in Style
47 Hamm’s From the land of sky-blue waters
48 Harp Irish Lager Look on the Harp side
49 Heineken Open Your World
50 Hornitos Tequila Purer than your intentions
51 Imperial Blue Confident men take on life with optimism
52 Jim Beam Bourbon brand Raised Right
53 Jose Cuervo Cinge Get Stung
54 Jose Cuervo Especial It's more than a girl's name
55 Jose Cuervo Tequila Don't let go
56 khajuraho beer Aapko Bullet, Aapko Rajasthan
57 Kingfisher The Real Taste of India
58 Knock out I'm a knockout. Go down swinging
59 Kuemmerling, the German herbal bitters brand To Feel Bright and Alert
60 Labatt Blue Good things brewing – corporate
61 Labatt Brewery Here's to real beer
62 Leinenkugel Good as Gold
63 Mackeson It looks good, it tastes good,
64 Maker's Mark, America's premium bourbon Real Friends
65 Malibu Make it the Best Summer Ever
66 Malibu Caribbean Rum brand Dove le montagne incontrano il mare
67 Martell Cognac Only a Few Can Tell
68 Martin Miller's, a premium English gin Distilled in England, blended in Iceland
69 Martini & Rossi Begin Desire
70 McDowell's No.1 No1 Yaari Ka No1 Spirit
71 Michelob Ultra Lose the carbs
72 Midori melon liqueur brand Discover your Midori
73 Miller Great taste, less filling
74 Officer’s choice Jagaiye apne andar ka officer
75 Officers choice blue Salute to Banta Hai'
76 Old Milwaukee It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This
77 Olmeca Tequila Switch on the night. Awaken the mystery
78 Olympia Brewing It's the water
79 Original choice Vaikittentha paripadi
80 Pabst Brewing Co What'll You Have
81 Patron Tequila Simply Perfect
82 Paul john Khoob Jamega Rang
83 Paul Masson Wines We will sell no wine before its time
84 Paulaner Good, better, Paulaner
85 Pisa, Nut Liqueur A whole new slant on things
86 Red Stripe Jamaican Lager Taste of Jamaica
87 Romanov vodka, India As you like it
88 Ron Varadero, Cuban rum Beyond compare
89 Royal Stag It's your life, make it large
90 Rozes port wines Expect the Unexpected and enjoy
91 Sagres Sagres. Not the taste
92 Sam Adams Know More, Love More
93 Sauza 901, brand of premium tequila No limes needed
94 Sauza Conmemorativo The smoother, oak-aged tequila
95 Sauza Tequila Stay pure. Life is harsh
96 Saxbys Stone Ginger Beer The big ginger bite
97 Schaefer Never leave the customer standing out in the rain
98 Schiltz Schlitz beer bottles - Washed with live steam
99 Seagram's Men Will Be Men
100 Sedgwick's Old Brown Sherry, South Africa Rich, warm and satisfying
101 Smirnoff Ice Not the usual
102 Soul Tree whine Character is everything
103 St Pauli Girl Slogans You never forget your first Girl
104 Stella Artois Looks ugly. Tastes great
105 Takara You've Got the Touch
106 Talea cream liqueur, Italy A velvet sensation
107 Talero Tequila Life tastes better naturally
108 Tequila Avion Choose Pleasure
109 Tequila Corralejo Those with pride stand tall
110 The Glenlivet, malt whisky brand One place. One whisky
111 Tooheys Tooheys puts the new in NSW
112 Tuborg Open for fun
113 Wild tiger Rum Our tiger, our pride

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