Astrology / Beej Mantras

Beej Mantras / bija seed mantras / Vedic Seed Mantras are sounds with great spiritual powers help activate certain channels, energy centers, or chakras in the body. Bija (pronounced BEEJ) means seed. Beej Mantras are called as the audible seed version of all the Deity majorly. Chanting Beej Mantras Fulfils the desires of the devotees and protective them from all dangers and enemies.

Major Beej Mantras
Mantra Symbol Chanting Gives Beeja Mantra of
Om Fulfills desires Parabrahma
Shreem श्रीं Attains powers, wealth and social status Lakshmi
Kreem क्रीं Gives power, wisdom, strength, clears problems and increases confidence Kali
Hrowm ह्रौं Protects against fears, death, diseases, attains hope and liberation. Shiva
Aim ऐं Gives wisdom, courage, confidence, communication power and good speech. Saraswati
Gam गं Gives wisdom, knowledge, fortune, happiness and protection. Ganapati
Hoom हूँ Protects from sudden death, diseases and to attain Moksha. Shiva
Phat फट् Helps in exorcism of ghosts, victory over enemies and self purification. Destruction
Hreem ह्रीं Helps in disappearing sorrows and win the blessings of both Shiva. Bhuvaneshwari

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