Health / Benefits of Lemon

It is a citrus fruit, fights against infections.

S. No Benefit Name
1 It is an antioxidant which deactivates the free radicals.
2 Prevent many dangerous like stroke cardiovascular disease and cancers.
3 It is anti-carcinogenic lower the rates of colon, Prostate and breast cancer.
4 It lowers blood pressure and increase the levels of HDL (Good cholesterol)
5 It Improves skin health (skin Glows)
6 It is used to cleans digestive system and purify liver.
7 It is used to Purify Blood.
8 It Boosts immune System
9 It Hydrates Lymph System
10 Can be used for weight loss
11 Balances of PH levels in the body
12 Boosts metabolism
13 Relieves constipation
14 Speeds up athletic recovery
15 Acts as a natural diuretic
16 prevents flu and colds
17 Relieves inflammation
18 Rehydrates the entire body
19 Promotes weight loss

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