General Knowledge / Bird Sanctuaries in India state Wise

Bird Sanctuary
It is a place with protected bird habitat and bird hunting is prohibited in that area. Bird sanctuaries may be owned and administered by government agencies / non-profit organizations like the Audubon Society. Bird sanctuaries are nature facilities that advocate the conservation of various species of birds and their natural habitats.

Bird Sanctuaries in India state Wise
S No Name State
1 Atapaka Bird Sanctuary Andhra Pradesh
2 Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary Andhra Pradesh
3 Kondakarla Ava Andhra Pradesh
4 Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary Andhra Pradesh
5 Sri Penusila Narasimha Wildlife Sanctuary Andhra Pradesh
6 Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary Andhra Pradesh
7 Najafgarh drain bird sanctuary Delhi
8 Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary Goa
9 Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary Gujarat
10 Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary Gujarat
11 Kutch Bustard Sanctuary Gujarat
12 Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary Gujarat
13 Porbandar Bird Sanctuary Gujarat
14 Thol Lake Gujarat
15 Bhindawas Wildlife Sanctuary Haryana
16 Khaparwas Wildlife Sanctuary Haryana
17 Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary Haryana
18 Gamgul Himachal Pradesh
19 Udhwa Bird Sanctuary, Sahibganj Jharkhand
20 Attiveri Bird Sanctuary Karnataka
21 Bankapura Karnataka
22 Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary Karnataka
23 Bonal Bird Sanctuary Karnataka
24 Gudavi Bird Sanctuary Karnataka
25 Kaggaladu Karnataka
26 Kaggaladu Bird Sanctuary Karnataka
27 Magadi Bird Sanctuary Karnataka
28 Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary Karnataka
29 Puttenahalli Lake (Yelahanka) Karnataka
30 Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary Karnataka
31 Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary Kerala
32 Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary Kerala
33 Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary Kerala
34 Pathiramanal Kerala
35 Thattekad Bird Sanctuary Kerala
36 Mayani Bird Sanctuary Maharashtra
37 Karnala Bird Sanctuary Maharashtra
38 Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary Maharashtra
39 Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary Mizoram
40 Chilika Lake Odisha
41 Keoladeo National Park Rajasthan
42 Tal Chhapar Sanctuary Rajasthan
43 Chitrangudi Bird Sanctuary Tamil Nadu
44 Kanjirankulam Bird Sanctuary Tamil Nadu
45 Koothankulam Bird Sanctuary Tamil Nadu
46 Suchindram Theroor Birds Sanctuary Tamil Nadu
47 Udayamarthandapuram Bird Sanctuary Tamil Nadu
48 Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary Tamil Nadu
49 Vellode Birds Sanctuary Tamil Nadu
50 Vettangudi Bird Sanctuary Tamil Nadu
51 Bakhira Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh
52 Lakh Bahosi Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh
53 Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh
54 Okhla Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh
55 Patna Bird Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh
56 Saman Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh
57 Samaspur Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh
58 Surajpur Bird Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh
58 Chintamoni Kar Bird Sanctuary West Bengal
59 Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary West Bengal
60 Thasrana Bird Sanctuary (Dhanauri Wetlands) Uttar Pradesh

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