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Health / Burns First Aid Treatment

Can I use ice to cool the burn? No, why because Ice may further damage the skin. So better to use water only.
Can I put plaster over a burn to make sure it doesn't get infected? Use cling film /clean plastic bag to cover burns which will help prevent infection but dont use adhesive bandages which sticks to skin may cause further damage. .
Can I Remove clothes / Jewellery stuck to the burn? No, It can cause more damage.
Do's for burns
  • If any serious burns (Electrical / chemical / face / genital area burns) to children / Adults Call an ambulance immediately.
  • If person is not breathing normally Apply Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  • If clothes and jewellery not sticked to the burned area remove them.
  • For 10 minutes to half an hour, Hold burned area under gently running water.
  • For chemical burns to the irrigate the eyes with water / saline solution to prevent corneal damage.
  • Elevate limbs higher than the heart for second degree burns.
  • keep the burned area clean, dry, non-fluffy cloths lightly over the burn and loss of body heat are used to reduce shock.
  • While waiting for ambulance / transporting person to hospital Cover him / her with a cool, wet, lint free cloth.
Don'ts for burns
  • Applying butter, grease, lotions, oil at burned area.
  • Use ice, as it may cause frostbite.
What to do when person is Unconscious? Just Tilting head backwards and pulling the tongue forward will help to clear the airways.
If the person has back / neck injury can I turn them on their side? Yes, move them onto their sideby keeping spine in a straight line, keeping in mind that priority breathing.
What to do if the victim is feeling faint? Tell the victim to lie down on their back and raise their legs to improve blood flow to the brain.

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