Astrology / Rudraksha Types And Its Benefits

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Rudraksha Types And Its Benefits
It is a seed which is produced from Elaeocarpus ganitrus tree used for the prayers in Hinduism (Shaivism). They are worn for protection and for chanting mantras( Om Namah Shivaya). Various different numbers of segments / mukh are available and are used for different purposes.

Rudraksha Types And Its Benefits
Rudraksha Type Ruling God Ruling Planet Benefits of wearing Image
One Mukhi Rudraksha Shiva Sun It increases mind power and cures digestive, respiratory, urinary systems, glands and brain, diseases.  One Mukhi Rudraksha
Two Mukhi Rudraksha Ardhanarishwara moon It tries to give peace in family members. It cures bladder diseases, memory loss, respiratory, heart diseases, liver and breast diseases Two Mukhi Rudraksha
Three Mukhi Rudraksha Agni mars It removes laziness, cures Blood, cancer and all diseases related to women. Three Mukhi Rudraksha
Four Mukhi Rudraksha Lord Brahma Mercury It increases the intelligence, Clears stress, Memory loss problems.     Four Mukhi Rudraksha
Five Mukhi Rudraksha Kalagni Rudra Jupiter It increases mind power, cures stomach acidity, gas problem, and breast and blood pressure problems.  Five Mukhi Rudraksha
Six Mukhi Rudraksha Jupiter Venus It cures mouth, urinary, cancer, kidney mental problems.  Six Mukhi Rudraksha
Seven Mukhi Rudraksha Mahalakshmi Saturn It increases sexual power and cures heart, stomach diseases.  Seven Mukhi Rudraksha
Eight Mukhi Rudraksha Ganesh Rahu It increases mind sharpness and builds success in the life. It cures nervous system, gall bladder, prostate and respiratory problems. Eight Mukhi Rudraksha
Nine Mukhi Rudraksha Durga Devi Ketu It increases confidence, courageous reduces stress and saves from sudden death. It cures brain, sexual, pituitary, and eyes diseases.  Nine Mukhi Rudraksha
Ten Mukhi Rudraksha Lakshmi Narayan no planets It removes ghosts fear and sudden death and gives mental peace. It cures insomnia and hypertension.  Ten Mukhi Rudraksha
Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha / Ek Mukhi Rudraksha Hanuman Mars It increases mind power, life span and brings success in life. It cures blood pressure, heart ailments and diabetes. Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha / Ek Mukhi Rudraksha
Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha Vishnu sun It gives mind and physical power. It cures blood vessels, heart, eye, skin and kidney problems. Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha
Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha Indra Venus It makes the wearer intelligent, fearless and highly confident It cures mental, sexual, stomach, and thyroid problems.  Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha
Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha Hanuman Saturn It increases mind sharpness to achieve success in the life. It cures memory loss, urinary, eye and spine problems.  Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha
Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha Pashupatinath Mercury It destroys all the sins committed in the present life.  Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha
Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha Mahakal / Maha Mrityunjay Ketu It provides relief from diseases and fears of life.  Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha
Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha Devi Katyani Saturn It blesses the person with ownership of land and gets fortunate. Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha
Eighteen Mukhi Rudraksha Bhumi Devi Earth It frees the person from the fear of sudden death. Eighteen Mukhi Rudraksha
Nineteen Mukhi Rudraksha narayana Mercury It provides wealth and happiness.      Nineteen Mukhi Rudraksha
Twenty Mukhi Rudraksha / Bees Mukhi Rudraksha. Lord Brahma All planets It makes the person gets free from the fears of evil spirits.  Twenty Mukhi Rudraksha / Bees Mukhi Rudraksha.
Twenty One Mukhi Rudraksha Mahalakshmi Saturn It relief from the sins like killing of a priest.  Twenty One Mukhi Rudraksha
Gauri Shankar Rudraksha Shiva and Parvati Moon It provides salvation and brings harmony and peace in marital life. Gauri Shankar Rudraksha
Ganesha Rudraksha Ganesha Ketu It helps the person to achieve riddhi-siddhi. Ganesha Rudraksha

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