Entertainment / Carpenter Tools for Home purposes List

S.No Tool Name Purpose Price Image
1 Tape Measure It consists of metal strip used for linear measurement markings 100 TapeMeasure
2 Utility Knife Used for cutting and cleaning joints 250 UtilityKnife
3 Pencil Used for marking 20 Pencil
4 Screwdriver It is used to drive / loosen screw into the wood 295 Screwdriver
5 Carpenter Square Used for establishing right angles (90° angles) 295 CarpenterSquare
6 Sturdy Workbench Used for to hold workpieces while they are worked by other tools 1000 SturdyWorkbench
7 Jig Used to create cuts in either direction 1500 Jig
8 Chisel Used for carving / cutting a hard material such as wood 780 Chisel
9 Block Plane Used to smooth wood's rough end grain 350 BlockPlane
10 Hand Saw Used to cut pieces of wood into different shapes 300 HandSaw
11 Power Drill Used for making round holes 1999 PowerDrill
12 Table Saw Used for ripping large pieces of wood quickly 27000 TableSaw
13 Rip Fence Used to guide your wood perfectly straight while you are cutting 965 RipFence
14 Router Used to shape the edges of your wood work 3800 Router
15 Drill Press Used to drill diameter holes 6800 DrillPress
16 Nail puller Used to remove embedded / headless nails with minimal wood damage 299 Nailpuller
17 Carpenter Mallet Used to knock wooden pieces together / drive dowels / chisels 475 CarpenterMallet
18 T Bar Clamp Used to withstand the pressure of holding large and heavy workpieces 1750 TBarClamp
19 Rasp Used for coarsely shaping wood 400 Rasp
20 Wood Cutter Used for Wood cutting 3600 WoodCutter

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