Tag Lines / Cars

S.No Car Company Name Tag Line
1 Audi Being Ahead through Technology
2 BMW Sheer Driving Pleasure
3 Brand Slogans
4 Buick When better automobiles are built, Buick will build them
5 Chevrolet  Find New Roads
6 FERRARI Only those who dare, truly live
7 FIAT Driven by Passion
8 FORD Go Further
9 Hindustan Motors  Ride with Pride
10 Honda The Power of Dreams
11 HUMMER Like Nothing Else
12 Hyundai New Thinking, New Possibilities
13 HYUNDAI New Thinking, New Possibilities
14 Jaguar Grace, Space, Pace
15 Kia The Power to Surprise
16 LAND ROVER Above & Beyond
17 Mahindra & Mahindra Connected world. Connected experiences
18 Maruti Suzuki Way of life
19 Mercedes The Best or Nothing
20 MG Emotional Dynamism
21 MITSUBISHI MOTORS Drive your Ambition
22 NISSAN It's Your Turn to Drive
23 Opel  The future is everyone’s
24 PORSCHE There is no substitute
25 Premier  Symbol of luxury
26 RENAULT Cars for living
27 Reva Inspired by orange to go green
28 Skoda Simply clever is in our DNA
29 Tata Motors Connecting Aspirations
30 Toyota Let's Go Places 
31 Trishul Jeep  Have fun out there
33 Volvo Volvo your life

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