Tag Lines / Cigarettes

S.No Cigarette Company Name Tag Line
1 Babymarlboro I'm More satisfied
2 Camel Cigarettes The Camels are coming
3 Carlton Cigarettes If you smoke, please smoke Carlton
4 Chesterfield Cigarettes It satisfies. Blow some my way
5 Consulate brand Inhale to your heart's content
6 Craven "A" For Your Throat's Sake
7 Doral Cigarettes Premium Taste, Guaranteed
8 EVE Cigarette brand Farewell to the uglycigarettepack
9 KOOL menthol Kool. The House of Menthol
10 L&M brand Just For The Taste of It
11 Lucky Strike It's toasted
12 Marlboro Cigarettes Mild As May
13 Mecca A real man with a man's taste
14 Pall Mall tobacco brand Wherever Particular People Congregate
15 Peter Stuyvesant The scent of the big wide world
16 Philip Morris Smoke-free future
17 Strand Cigarettes You're never alone with a Strand
18 Tipalet Blow in her face and she'll follow you anywhere
19 Viceroys Viceroy'sGot The Taste That's Right
20 Virginia Slims Women Cigarettes You've come a long way, baby
21 Winfield Cigarettes Anyhow, have aWinfield
22 Winston brand Winstontastes good like a cigarette should

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