Health / Benefits of Drinking water in copper bottles / jars

S. No Benefit
1 Prevents cancer.
2 Regulate women's menstrual periods.
3 Prevents amoebiasis, diarrhea, cholera, jaundice and Other water borne diseases.
4 Reduce arthritis and inflammatory pains.
5 Prevents degenerative, heart, auto immune, alzheimer diseases.
6 Hemoglobin Synthesis, bone strength & immunity building.
 prevent the Growth of Harmful Bacteria Like E.Coli.
8  Regulate Obesity.
9 Regulate Thyroid Glands.
10 Maintain Digestive System.
11 Production of Melanin in Our Bodies.
12 Slow Downs Ageing process & Prevents Cell Damage.
13 Prevents seizures.
14  Formation of New Cells, Iron and Sugar Absorption.
15 Simulating Brain.
16 Inhibit growth of Harmful Bacteria(Staphylococcus).
17 Reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.
18 Maintains Cardiovascular Health.
19  Heal Wounds and Relieve Pains.
20 Prevents diabetes, arthritis, cataracts and Diabetes.

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