Health / Benefits of Drinking Water

1. Reduces risk of heart disease.
It maintains the proper viscosity of blood, plasma and fibrinogen distribution which prevents heart disease.

2. Helps to maintain weight.
It helps to improve your metabolic rate which on turn helps to gain weight.  Try to drink more water before meal than after meal.

3. Reduce stress levels.
Water contains oxygen which will reduce your stress.

4. Increase Energy levels.
Drinking water will increase your energy levels by oxygen level in that water.

5. Flushes out Toxins
It helps to flush out the toxins (waste) through urinary process and reduces the risk of kidney stones.

6. Improves Skin fairness / glow
It helps in increases skin elasticity, moisturizes skin, keeps it fresh, soft, glowing, smooth and gets free of wrinkles.

7. Boost Immune System
It directly related to boost the immune system.

Two ways of Immune System Booster by water:
a. It carries oxygen to your body's cells, which results in properly functioning systems.

b. It flushes out toxins from your body.
It helps fight against flu, cancer and other problems like heart attacks.

8. Maintains Regularity
It helps in digestion (break down food by body) and prevents constipation.
9. Prevent Headaches and migraines
It helps in preventing headaches that are due to dehydration.

10. Lubricates joints and cartilage
Long period dehydration cause joints shock absorbing ability, leading to joint pain.

11. Protect from different types of cancers
It helps in prevention of bladder and breast cancers through a process of urination which flushes out the toxins.

12. Improves mood
It helps in improving your mood, thinking ability and removes mildness due to dehydration.

13. Overcomes Bad Breath
It helps to overcome dehydration which causes bad breath. So bad breath is overcome.
It clears leftover food particles, oral bacteria that lead to bad breath.

14. Regulates Body Temperature

It helps the body in heat release in the form of sweat from the surface of the skin to maintain a normal body temperature.

15. Brain Function
Drinking water helps in preventing headaches that are due to dehydration by supplying oxygen which in turn helps muscles and brain to function properly. Dehydration causes brains shrinkage.

16. Prevents kidney damage
Its insufficiency can leads to stones in kidneys.

17. Prevents hangover
Alcohol / soda causing increased passing of urine so which causes dehydration which causes hangover. So try to take drink more water between drinks.

18. Prevents Backaches
Dehydration causes of back pain. The spinal bones are circular in shape and the central of the spinal cord is made of water. So if there is lack of water may lead to back pain.

19. Overcome Muscles Sprains
It helps in proper hydration which in turn helps joints lubricated and muscles more elastic. Therefore there will be no joint pain.

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