Health / Effects Of Using Headphones / Earphones to Humans

Earphones generate electromagnetic wave which damages the nerve cells and has the same effect on nerves as multiple sclerosis (a progressive autoimmune disorder affecting nervous system) of human.

1. Noise in ear
It is due to hearing of extreme load sound / music with the ear damages inner ear part (hair cells in cochlea).

2. Ear infections
Sharing of other persons ear phones cause the transmission other person’s microorganisms to your ears and cause ear infection.

3. Loss Of Hearing
Hearing of 90 decibels / more of sound waves may leads to permanent hearing loss. Hearing of noise levels above 110 decibels damage the protective insulating myelin sheath (myelin) of nerve cells which carry signals from the ear to the brain. Myelin loss disrupts electrical nerve signals leads to partial / complete deafness. Myelin loss as a result of noise pollution is reversible (re-grows over time) means hearing loss can be recovered.

4. Ear pain
It may lead to ear pain due to very high decibels (90 decibels / more) of sound waves in the ear.

5. Increased psychological stress and anxiety
It effects the physical and mental health of the person and his ability to perform at optimum levels.

Tips for How to keep the problems way
Don’t share headphones, maintain volume less than 45%, change the sponge / rubber covers once in a month.

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