Health / The Effects Of Air Pollution On Human Health

Air pollution is nothing but when harmful / excessive quantities of substances (gases, particles and biological molecules) are introduced into Earth's atmosphere. Air pollution affects human organs and its functions. Air quality is of two types. They were 1. Good quality of Air (Good for our bodies).
2. Bad quality of air (Damages our bodies).

Causes of Air pollution
S. No  Causes
1 Industries(O3,PM,SO2,NO2 ad BaP)
2 Transport(SO2,NO2 and BaP)
3 Forest Fire(PM and BaP)
4 Radiation
5 Aerosols Aerosols

Health Effects of Air pollution
S. No Health Effect Due to Component
1 Hair Damage Radiation
2 Eyes and mucus membrane irritation. O3,PM,SO2,NO2 and BaP
3 Respiratory diseases O3,PM,SO2,NO2,BaP and Aerosols
4 Liver, Spleen and blood damage. NO2
5 Bone damage. Radiation
6 Fatigue, headaches and anxiety SO2
7 Nervous system damage PM, Aerosols and Radiation
8 Skin Damage Aerosols and Radiation
9 Intestinal Damage Radiation
10 Reproductive system damage PM and Radiation
11 Cancer PM
12 Diabetes PM1, PM2·5, and PM10
13 Lower IQ. PM
14 Cardiovascular damage (heart problems.) NO,NO2, O3,PM,SO2
15 Bronchitis PM PM

Air Pollution Components
S. No Air Pollution components Details
1 Tropospheric ozone(O3) Ozone is formed in the atmosphere through reactions of volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides, both of which are formed as a result of combustion of fossil fuels.
2 Sulphur dioxide(SO2) It is emitted into air when burning of fossil fuels that contain sulfur.
3 Nitrogen dioxide(NO,NO2) They  are produced transportation sector
4 Benzo(a)pyrene(BaP) Benzo[a]pyrene is a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon and the result of incomplete combustion of organic matter at temperatures between 300 °C (572 °F) and 600 °C (1,112 °F).
5 Particulate matter(PM) It is made up of small airborne particles (dust, soot and drops of liquids).

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