Engineering Reference Tables / Electrical Units of Measure

Unit of Electrical Units of Measure are used for measurement of electrical things. Units of Electrical Measure are Units of Voltage, Units of Current, Units of Resistance, Units of Conductance, Units of Capacitance, Units of Charge, Units of Inductance, Units of Power, Units of Impedance, Units of Frequency.

Electrical Parameter Symbol Measuring Unit Formula
Voltage V or E Volt Electrical Potential V = I × R
Current I or i Ampere Electrical Current I = V ÷ R
Resistance R or Ω Ohm DC Resistance R = V ÷ I
Conductance G or ℧ Siemen Reciprocal of Resistance G = 1 ÷ R
Capacitance C Farad Unit of Capacitance C = Q ÷ V
Charge Q Coulomb Electrical Charge Q = C × V
Inductance L or H Henry Inductance VL = -L(di/dt)
Power W Watts Power P = V × I or I2 × R
Impedance Z Ohm AC Resistance Z2 = R2 + X2
Frequency Hz Hertz Frequency ƒ = 1 ÷ T

Multiples and sub-multiples for amperes
Name Abbreviation Current
femtoamps fA 10-15 amperes
picoamps pA 10-12 amperes
nanoamps nA 10-9 amperes
microamps µA 10-6 amperes
milliamps mA 10-3 amperes
amps A amperes
kiloamps kA 103 amperes
Mega amps MA 106 amperes
Giga amps G 109 amperes
Terra amps T 1012 amperes

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