Engineering Reference Tables / Units of Electromagnetism

Electromagnetism is a type of force interaction which occurs between electrically charged particles.

SI Electromagnetism units
Quantity Name Symbol Dimensions
Current ampere ( SI base unit ) I A
Electric charge , Quantity of electricity coulomb C A•s
Potential difference volt V J/C = kg•m2•s−3•A−1
Electric field strength metre V/m N/C = kg•m•s−3•A−1
Resistance , Impedance , Reactance ohm Ω V/A = kg•m2•s−3•A−2
Resistivity ohm metre Ω•m kg•m3•s−3•A−2
Electrical power watt W V•A = kg•m2•s−3
Capacitance farad F C/V = kg−1•m−2•A2•s4
Elastance reciprocal farad F−1 kg•m2•A−2•s−4
Permittivity farad per metre F/m kg−1•m−3•A2•s4
Conductance , Admittance , Susceptance siemens S Ω−1 = kg−1•m−2•s3•A2
Conductivity siemens per metre S/m kg−1•m−3•s3•A2
Magnetic flux weber Wb V•s = kg•m2•s−2•A−1
Magnetic flux density tesla T Wb/m2 = kg•s−2•A−1
magnetic induction ampere per metre A/m m−1•A
Reluctance ampere -turns per weber A/Wb kg−1•m−2•s2•A2
Inductance henry H Wb/A = V•s/A = kg•m2•s−2•A−2
Permeability metre H/m kg•m•s−2•A−2
Magnetic susceptibility (dimensionless) χm
Electric susceptibility (dimensionless) χe

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