Astrology / 5 Elements of Nature /Pancha bhuta /Pancha Maha bhuta

As per Hindu mythology human body is made of 5 elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky. The pancha bhoota are associated with a sense which is perceived by sense organ in human being.

5 Elements of Nature functions and characteristic
Element Name Associated Sense Sense Organ it refers Perception mode Associated Finger Affiliation
Akash/Dyaus / Space/
 Sky / aakash/ Void / Heaven 
Sound Ear Heard Middle Finger Deva
Air  / Vayu  / pavan Touch Skin Heard, Felt Index Finger Deva
Agni / Fire Sight/Color Eye Heard, Felt, Seen Thumb Deva
Water / jala / Varuna Taste Tongue Heard, Felt, Seen, Tasted Little Finger Deva
Earth/ Prithvi /Bhumi Smell Nose Heard, Felt, seen, Tasted, Smelled Ring Finger Devi

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