Health / Essential Minerals For Health

S. No Minerals Minerals Purpose Sources
1 Magnesi Helps Bones, Muscles, Nerves in  their functions Spinach, Black beans, nuts, Soy Milk Yougurt and sea food
2 Potassium Helps Heart, Nerve, Cells in    their functions Orange juice, Bananas, Potatoes, Honeydew melon and avocados
3 Iodine Helps Thyroid gland in   their functions Iodized Table salt, sea food and Sea Vegetables like kelp
4 Iron Helps Lungs, Blood in    their functions Red meat, Poultry, Tofu, Greens Such as spinach and swiss chard and shell fish
5 Zinc Helps in Digestion, Metabolism Oysters, Beefs, Pork, and Yogurt
6 Selenium Helps in Inflammation, Heart and   their functions Meat, Shellfish, and fruits, Vegetables, and Grains grown in Selenium – Rich Soil
7 Chromium Helps in Metabolism, Blood Sugar level control Meat, Whole – Grain Products, Broccoli, Grape Juice, and Apples.

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