English / Feelings

It is an emotional state or reaction.

Types of Feelings
S. No Feeling Name Words Used To Indicate Feeling
1 Angry frustrated, cross, irritated, annoyed, furious, livid, enraged, hurt, inadequate, trapped, tired, scared
2 Negative Distrustful, suspicious, scornful, disdain, bitter, Stupid, shame, worthless
3 Uneasy Nervous, tense, anxious, flustered, insecure, Angry, cross, confused, bored, flat, apathetic, weak
4 Frightened Uneasy, weak, insecure, inadequate, tense, anxious, nervous, scared, petrified, threatened, trapped, horrified
5 Happy Pleased, glad, wonderful, elated, excited, content, Surprised, proud, relieved, satisfied, confident
6 Positive Determined, forgiving, hopeful, motivated, inspired, daring, energetic, loving, eager, excited, Receptive, happy,keen, earnest, intent, anxious, enthusiastic, bold, brave, challenged, optimistic, re-enforced, confident, hopeful
7 Unhappy Hurt, upset, lonely, guilty, miserable, bereft, despairing, devastated, lost, down
8 Upset Angry, frustrated, sad, tearful, hurt, miserable, weepy
9 Confused Hurt, upset, lonely, inadequate, cross, miserable, Shocked, mixed-up, nervous, scared, discontented, Foolish, surprised
10 Amusement

Elation, embarrassment, triumph
, sadness, disgust, contempt, disappointment, anger, distress,
pain, adoration
11 sympathy Ecstasy, desire, contentment, relief, confusion, interest, realization, awe, positive surprise, negative surprise

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