Health / Finger Nail Health Indicator

Your nails tell us your overall health. Your nails color, size, shape e.t.c reveal what problems/ sign of disease in your body. Depends on the nail type we are going to tell the disease.

S. No Nail Type Disease Image
1 Absent Part Anonychia congentia
2 Nail pitting Psoriasis
3 Cuticle invasion Lichen planus
4 Pigmentation and ridging Monilia
5 Distal onycholysis Tinea
6 Spoon Nails Iron deficiency
7 Discolored and inverted edges Ectodermal  dysplasia
8 Clubbing Toxins malignancy hypoxia
9 Bitten nails Anxiety
10 Splinter Hemorrhage Infected endocarditis
11 Yellow Lymphoedema- bronchiectasis-Lymphoma
12 Half and Half Hepatic cirrhosis
13 Ridging Rheumatoid arthritis
14 Longitudinal brown lines Addison’s  disease - breast cancer - melanoma
15 White nails Anemia
16 Red nails Ploycythemia systemic lupus
17 Horizontal  white and pink bands Nephritic syndrome
18 Brittle nails Detergents and water – Hypothyroidism

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