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Health / First Aid Treatment for Heavy Bleeding

First Aid Treatment for Heavy Bleeding
What to do if heavily bleeding for the patient (He / She)?
  • Keep pressure on the wound till the blood flow stops and call for medical emergency numbers better.
  • If the blood flow is not stoping also call for medical emergency numbers and Keep pressure on the wound until the help arrives.
What does it mean if the patient is looking pale, feels cold and dizzy?
  • It indicates patient is not having enough blood flowing through the body and is life threatening condition can lead to conditions like lack of oxygen to bodyís tissues, heart attack or organ damage and this body physical response to an injury is called as shock .
  • If you observe such condition with the patient make the patient put his body higher than the heart position which helps increase blood flow to their brain and heart.
Can we wash the wound?
  • For minor cuts: one can wash the wound to remove any dirt.
  • For bleeding heavily : Don't wash a wound why because if you wash all clotting agents will wash away and so will bleeds more.
Do's for heavy bleeding
  • Reassure patient that help is on the way
  • Call medical emergency ambulance immediately
  • Update the patient status regularly to hospital till he/ she reches the hospital
  • Keep direct pressure to stop bleeding
  • Provide the patient proper / clear airways.
  • Start CPR if no pulse / respiration,
  • use latex gloves which prevents transmission of disease.
  • If bleeding in upper body areas, Raise head
  • If bleeding in lower body areas, Raise feet
Don'ts for heavy bleeding
  • Unnecessarily donít move the patient
  • Try to suspect for spinal injury. If any donít move the patient
  • If the patient is having any fractures donít move the patient
  • Keep direct pressure to stop bleeding
  • Items imbedded in the eye dont try to remove
  • Burn ointments should not be used.
  • Call medical emergency as soon as possible

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