English / Formal and Informal Words List

Formal and informal words list
Informal Formal
A bit A little
A lot of Numerous
Afraid Fearful
Again & again Repeatedly
All right Acceptable
Also Moreover
Also In Addition
Also In addition, additionally
Anyways Nevertheless
Ask Enquire
Ask for Request / Enquire
Ask Out Invite
Ask for Request
At First Initially
At once Immediately
Avoid Evade
Away Absent
Bad Negative
Beat up Assault
Better Improved
Big/Large Enormous
Block Undermine
Blow up Explode
Book Reserve
Boss Employer
Brave Courageous
Break down Fail/Collapse
Break off Suspend/adjourn
Break out Erupt
Break up Disintegrate
Bright/smart Intelligent
bring about cause
Bring in Introduce
Build Construct
But However
Buy Purchase
By By means of
Call off Cancel
Call on Visit
can is capable of
Can Is capable of
Can Is capable of
Catch up Understand
Chance Opportunity
Cheap Inexpensive
Check Verify
Childish Immature
Childish Infantile
Choose Select
Clear Transparent
Climb Ascend
Clothes Garment
Come after Follow
Come back Return
Come in Enter
Come up to Reach/attain
Come/go in Enter
Complex Convoluted
Could Might be able to
Dad Father
Danger Peril
Dare Challenge
Deal with Handle
Deal with Manage
Death Demise
Describe Depict
Dim Indistinct
Dirty/ polluted Contaminated
Drop out of Withdraw (from)
Eager Avid
Ease Facilitate
Empty Vacant
End Terminate/ Finish
Enjoyment Gratification
Enough Sufficient
Exceptional Marvelous
Expect Anticipate
Explain Disclose
Faithfulness Fidelity
Fall out Quarrel
Fight Combat
fill in substitute, inform
find out discover, ascertain
Find out Learn/Discover
Fork out Pay (money)
Free Liberate
Free Release
Friendly Amiable
from (company) on the behalf of
Funny Humorous, amusing
Get Receive
Get away Elude
Get away Escape
Get away Elude
Get by Survive
get in touch with contact
get on someone’s nerves bother
Get out Escape
Get Obtain
Get Receive / Escape
Give Donate
Give Provide
Give in Yield
Give out Distribute
give the go ahead, greenlight authorize, authorise
Give up Quit
Give Donate
Give Provide
Give up Quit
Give/bring back Return
Go after Pursue
Go ahead Proceed
Go away Leave/ depart
Go before Precede
Go down Decrease
Go on Continue
Go out of Exit
Go through Examine
Go up Increase
Go Depart
Good for Beneficial
Good looking Attractive
Good Positive
Happy Pleased
Have to Must
Help Aid/ Assist
Here Present
Hit out at Criticise
Hopeless Futile
House Residence
Hungry Famished
Hurry Haste, hasten
Hurt Damage
Hurt Damage, harm
I think In my< opinion
Idea Notion
Imagine Envisage
In charge of Responsible
In the end Finally
Informal Formal
Iron out Solve/overcome (a problem/difficulty)
it’s about it concerns, it’s in regards to
Job Occupation
Keep Preserve
keep retain
Keep up Maintain properly
Keep Preserve
Kidding Jesting
Lack Deficiency
Laid back Relaxed
Lead to Cause
Leave out Omit
Let Allow
Let Permit
Link up Connect
Live Reside
Lively Energetic
look at examine
Look at Regard
Look for Seek
look into investigate
Look like Resemble
Look into Investigate
Lots of/ a lot of Much, many
Lucky Fortunate
Mad Insane
Mainly Principally
Make out Discern
makeup fabricate
Marvelous Exceptional
Maybe Perhaps
Mend Repair
Naked Nude
Need Require
need to required
Need Require
Next/later Subsequently
Okay, ok Acceptable
Old Elderly
Older Senior
orry apologise
Over At an end
Pay back Repay
Pick up Collect
Pin down Determine
Plus/also Moreover/futhermore
Point out Indicate
Put in Insert
put off postpone, delay
put up tolerate
Put up with Tolerate
Put off Postpone
put/set down deposit
Rack up Accumulate
Really big Considerable
Refer to Consult
Remove Eliminate
Rich Wealthy
Right Correct
ring up call
Round Circular
Say no Reject
say sorry apologize, apologise
Say Express
Say no Reject
See Observe
See Perceive
Seem Appear
Set out Display
Set up Establish
Settle for Choose
Shorten Decrease
show demonstrate, illustrate, portray
show up arrive
Show Demonstrate
Sick ill
Sight Vision
Small Diminutive
So Therefore
Sorry Apologize
Speak to Address
Speed up Accelerate
stand for represent
start commence
Stop Cease
Stubborn Obstinate
Sweat Perspiration
Take away Remove
Take out Remove
Talk about Discuss/consider
Talk into Persuade
Tell Inform
Test Experiment
Thanks Gratitude
Think about Consider/ponder
Think of Conceive
Throw away Discard
Throw out Eject
Throw out Eject
Tired Exhausted/ Fatigued
tons of, heaps of large quantities of, a number of
Tough Difficult
Try out Test
Try Endeavour
Use Utilize
Use/Eat Consume
Wait for Await
Whole Entire/Complete
Wood Timber
Worse Inferior
Wrong Incorrect
Young Youthful

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