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Gutka / guṭkha / betel nut is a chewing tobacco made of crushed areca nut, tobacco, catechu, paraffin wax, slaked lime, paraffin and sweet / savory flavorings. People use gutka as a mouth freshener as a stimulant and for relaxation effects.

It increases your high blood pressure. Gutka affects the blood vessels by and narrowing and hardens vessels which lead to a disease called atherosclerosis which is a cause of heart attacks and peripheral artery disease.

Pregnancy Complications
Women who uses gutka, during pregnancy have higher chance of low birth weight babies.

It contains carcinogens like Betel nut e.t.c which cause oral cancer (mouth, throat, lung and esophagus) and liver, cervix, stomach, prostate and lung cancers.

It can cause asthma.

Body Reactions
Chemicals used in Gutka can change your skin color, cause blurred vision, muscle stiffness, tremors, involuntary mouth and face movements.

Toxicity symptoms of gutkha use are increased anxiety, increased saliva production, increased tearing, sweating, incontinence, diarrhea, flushing and fever, feeling euphoric and temporary failure of concentration / memory

Other Effects
Burning mouth and mouth dryness, vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea, chest pain, high / low blood pressure, raised skin temperature, irregular heartbeat, change in blood sugar levels, abnormal function of thyroid gland, kidney abnormalities, liver toxicity and immune system suppression.

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