Health / Healing Herbs and spices for Body Benefits

S. No Herbs and Spices Names Benefit
1 Oregano Helps Soothe Stomach Muscles
2 Mint Can Ease Hiccups
3 Ginger Anti-Nausea Remedy
4 Garlic Natural Antiseptic
5 Fenugreek Helps Flush Out Harmful Toxins
6 Fennel Can Reduce Bad Breath And Body Odor
7 Clove Anti-Microbial
8 Sage Antiseptic And Antibiotic
9 Thyme Relaxes Respiratory Muscles
10 Turmeric Anti-Cancer
11 Basil Can Relieve Gas And Soothe Stomach Upsets
12 Black pepper Helps Relieve Indigestion
13 Cayenne Can Stop A Heart Attack
14 Cinnamon Helps Lower Blood Pressure
15 Dill Treat Heartburn, Colic, And Gas
16 Rosemary Anti-Oxidant

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