Health / Health Benefits of Nuts

S. No Nuts Name Health Benefit
1 Pistachios Lower Blood Pressure, Weight Loss, Insulin / Diabetics , Prevent Cancer, Support Rheumatoid Arthritis
2 Macadamia Lower Blood Cholesterol Levels, Reduce Diabetics Risk, Colon Cleansing, Anemia.
3 Brazil Nuts Prevent Tumors, Reduce Blood Sugar Level, Prevent Reproductive Disorders, Lower Risk Of Pancreatic Cancer Reduced Thyroid Enlargement.
4 Chestnut Weight Loss , Improves Glycemic Control, Memory Protection, Bowel Health, Anemia Support
5 Hazelnuts Diabetics Support, Heart Healthy, Rheumatoid ,Arthritis, Support Alzheimer’s, Prevent  Cancer,
6 Almonds Improve Bone Health, Appetite, Control, Weight Loss, Memory Booster, Biotin Source
7 Walnuts Reduced Breast Cancer Risk, Reduce Diabetics Risk, Boosts Heart Health, Helps Deal With Stress.
8 Coconut Prevent Breast Cancer, Weight Loss, Reduced Alzheimer’s Risk, Arterious, Prevent  Clerosis, Eczema And Acne Treatment
9 Pecans Prevent Body From Infection, Reduced Coronary Artery Disease Risk.
10 Cashew Nuts Prevent Cancer Protective, Helps in Digestion, Healthy Heart, Lower High Blood Pressure, Lower Gallstone Risk.

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