Health / Health and Well Being for Children

NCERT in partnership with UNESCO New Delhi has developed 11 animated videos focusing on the 11 themes of the School Health programme under Ayushman Bharat. These animated videos as well as the training and resource materials developed by NCERT and UNESCO will help in raising awareness among millions of children and teachers across the country.

Module 1 Growing up Healthy_English

Module 2 Emotional Well-being and Mental Health

Module 3 Interpersonal Relationships

Module 4 Values and Responsible Citizenship

Module 5 Gender Equality

Module 6 Nutrition, Health and Sanitation

Module 7 Prevention and Management of Substance Misuse

Module 8 Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle

Module 9 Reproductive Health and HIV Prevention_English

Module 10 Safety and Security against Violence and Injuries_English

Module 11 Promotion of Safe Use of Internet, Gadgets and Media

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