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Health / Heart Attack First Aid Treatment

Heart Attack First Aid Treatment
Do's during heart attack
  • Make the Patient be calm, to sit down and take rest.
  • Tight clothing has to be Loosen.
  • For knowing the heart condition ask the patient to take chest pain medication such as nitroglycerin.
  • After taking the chest pain medication if pain donít go tell him to take rest and mean while call for emergency medical help.
  • Call for emergency and till thn If the person is unconscious and should begin CPR.
Don'ts during heart attack:
  • Do not allow the patient alone
  • Do not allow the person to deny the symptoms .
  • Do not wait to see if the symptoms go away.
  • Do not give the person any food by mouth except a heart medication (such as nitroglycerin) has been prescribed.
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is an emergency lifesaving procedure and is a combination of: Chest compressions and Rescue breathing

  • Chest compressions used to keep patient's blood circulating.
  • Rescue breathing used to provide oxygen to patient's lungs.
Chest compressions
  • Put one hand heel on the lower half of the person’s breastbone.
  • Put anonther hand on top of the first hand and interlock your fingers.
  • Press down with little possibility of movement; securely and smoothly by pressing to 1/3 of chest depth for 30 times.
  • Manage and be responsible for the running of 2 breaths as described below in mouth-to-mouth,
  • The ratio of 30 chest compressions followed by 2 breaths is the same.
  • Compression rate aim is of 100 per minute.
Effective chest compressions will be causing one to need rest / sleep and to keep the compressions effective.

Mouth-to-mouth Respiration:
  • If the patient is not breathing normally use Mouth-to-mouth Respiration. It is a form of artificial ventilation where make sure patient is lying on his back on a firm surface and make rescuer Close his nostrils with your fingers and presses the Mouth against that of the patient and blows air into the person's lungs and is used when patient cant take normal respiratation of their own.
  • Tell rescuer to give 2 full breaths to the patient (Rescue breathing).
  • Cycle of 30 compressions then 2 breaths to Continue CPR till medical assistance arrives.
Chest compressions
  • For Adults press down 2 inches
  • For Childs press down 2 inches
  • For Infants press down 1.2 inches
Chest compressions at a rate of per minute ? Perform 30 chest compressions at a rate of 100 per minute for the chest rises between each
When CPR has to be stopped?
  • If takes breathing on his / her own
  • Till medical assistance arrives.

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