Entertainment / Home Health Care Appliances List

S.No Home Health Care Appliance Name Purpose Price Image
1 Digital Thermometer Used to measure temperature of human body. 200 DigitalThermometer
2 Stethoscope Used to listen to the sounds made by heart, lungs / intestine. 350 Stethoscope
3 Blood Glucose meter Used to measure glucose levels in blood. 400 BloodGlucosemeter
4 Blood coagulation (PT/INR) meter Used to detect and diagnose a bleeding / excessive clotting disorder 4700 Bloodcoagulation(PT-INR)meter
5 Pulse oximeter Used to measure the oxygen level / saturation of the blood. 500 Pulseoximeter
6 Blood pressure monitor Used to measure Blood pressure 1400 Bloodpressuremonitor
7 Apnea monitor Used to detect cessation of breathing /apnea in infants and adults. 2500 Apneamonitor
8 Electrocardiogram monitor Used to record the electrical signals in your heart 25000 Electrocardiogrammonitor
9 Fetal monitor Used to measure and record FHR, uterine contractions,blood pressure and heart rate 2800 Fetalmonitor
10 Weight scale Used to measure weight of human body. 1200 Weightscale

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