Health / Honey Beauty Tips

S. No Benefit Details
1 Makes Lips Smooth It is used rub lips before going to bed to remove dead skin cells and makes your lips soft and smooth.
2 Acne It is applied affected area and cover with bandage which clears red pimples on the skin. Leave it overnight and rinse with water the next morning.
3 Split Ends It is mixed with olive oil and applied to hair to moisture and treat dry ends over night which frees from split ends.
4 Skin Glowing It is mixed and applied to your face before going to bed with 2 parts pure aloe vera gel which makes the skin to glow.
5 Lighten Hair It is with chamomile tea and spray the mixture on your hair.
6 Black Head It is mixed with lemon juice and applied to affected areas overnight.
7 Scar Raw honeys applied on the scar overnight and leave it to clear scars.

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