Health / Hot water bath vs. cold water bath

Depends on your body type (PITTA, KAPHA and VATA) and body temperature you have to use hot or cold water for bath. If your body temperature is more you use cold water and vice versa.

Hot water bath benefits cold water bath benefits
Cleans your body by killing germs by hot water. Helps to get out of sleep and laziness.
It give relieve in cold and cough by clearing your nose and throats. In help in clearing your depression by releasing chemicals (nor-adrenaline and beta-endorphins).
It reduces the stress on the muscles which in turn relieve stress. It helps in release of testosterone (which intern helps in improving of reproductive health in men.)
It helps for reducing sugar levels in the body for diabetic’s patients. It boosts the immunize system to fight against the diseases.

Ayurveda suggests some points to persons to use hot or cold water. They were

1. Depends on Persons Age
S. No Age Type of Water
1 Young people cold water
2 old people hot water

2. Depends on Body Type
S. No Body Type Type of Water
1 PITTA use cold water to take a bath
2 KAPHA hot water
3 VATA hot water

3. Depends on Body Parts
S. No Body Part Type of Water
1 body  hot water
2 Head(Eyes and Hair) Cool

4. Depends on Diseases of person
S. No Person suffering from diseases Type of Water
1 Pitta related diseases( liver disease, indigestion) cold water
2 Kapha / Vata related  diseases (respiratory disorders, cold, cough, joint pain, arthritis) Hot water.

5. Depends on working or not
S. No Person Type of Water
1 Work regularly hot water
2 No Work Cool water

6. Depends on Bathe Time
S. No Time Type of Water
1 morning Cool water
2 night hot water

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