How To Face An Interview

Companies recruit / give job to the people pay per use basis. Means you’re a just a Labour worker on daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis in that company. So no need to feel shy / nervous while going for a job and you should be confident on what you know.

1 Before Interview 1. Know the company details.
2. Know the interviewer details.
3. Prepare A Precise Resume.
4. Completely know about your CV/ Resume/Bio Data
5. Know the common questions and answer.
6. Questions for the interviewer
7. Rehearsal Program with friend / known person
8. Explain interviewer why your are suitable for the company
9. Know what documents required before and after the interview
2 On Interview Day 1. Dress Sense / code
2. Be on time
3. Be Honest.
4. With confidence introduce yourself to interviewer.
5. Be clear of what you’re talking about.
6. Don’t share much personal Information
7. Vote of Thanks
8. Know what not to do.
9. Don’t use tell bad about your past company and colleges
10. You follow up the interviewer.


1. Know the Company Details.

You tell the interviewer about Company vision, mission, goal, strategy, products, finances, departments, competitors, work culture, how old it is, Number of Employees working, for what position they are looking for, multinational or not e.t.c to impress him whenever you get a chance.

2. Know the Interviewer Details.

Know the interviewer information like where he previously worked, from which college he is, try to find information of him from social networks.

3. Prepare A Precise Resume.

Whatever the resume you’re going to prepare it should be clear & compact as much as possible.
4. Completely Know About Your CV / Resume / Bio Data. You should know complete information what you have written in the resume.

5. Know The Common Questions And Answer.
Strengths Explain how your strengths fit for the current job relevantly.
Weakness You have to tell that your weakness is not super important to the job.

6. Questions For The Interviewer.
At the end of the interview if the interviewer asks you any questions. Simplify say no questions with a smiley face to indicate you’re not bothered about the job. Or ask him that any extracurricular activities are involved in the job.

7. Rehearsal Program With Friend / Known Person.

You give your rehearsal of the interview in front of your friend / known person who is a correct person to judge you in the corresponding field / vertical / business area. Dress sense, confidence, body language, feelings nervous e.t.c can be improved to face the real interview. The person has to give support/encourage you instead of criticizes you.

8. Explain Interviewer Why Your Are Suitable For The Company.

Here you have to tell about your skills (Communication, technical, management, hands on experience e.t.c ) which best suits for the job in your company.

9. Know What Documents Required Before and After The Interview.

Here you have to bring all the required documents (Resume, Experience certificates, and references, Pan, cover e.t.c) which create a positive sense on you that how you do the work and whom are you.


1. Dress Sense / Code.

First impression is the best impression her it comes with your dress code, better to be formally dressed.

2 Be On Time.

Don’t be early (they won’t be ready) or don’t be late for the interview. So that it shows your punctuality for the job to the interviewer. So better to exactly 20 minutes before.

3. Be Honest.
Try be be honest with the interviewer questions and tell the truth. If you have made a mistake in positive way tries to accept it.

4. With Confidence Introduce Yourself To Interviewer.

Proper Eye contact, smile on the face, handshake while introducing you to interviewer with confidence is mandatory. Before and after the interview you try to greet him like thanks for meeting you e.t.c.

5. Be Clear Of What You’re Talking About.
You should be clear, confident while sharing thoughts, ideas and maintain a proper eye contact.

6. Don’t Share Much Personal Information.

Don’t disclose your personal information and problems to interviewer.

7. Vote Of Thanks.

After the completion of interview don’t forget to mention vote of thanks for his time spent regarding the interview and give shake hand and maintain a eye contact and have a smile on your face.

8. Know What Not To Do.
Don’t ask the interviewer about the holidays, to how many companies you have applied e.t.c and create a impression that you’re a hard worker in front of the interviewer.

9. Don’t Use Loose Tongue/ Tell Bad About Your Past Company And Colleges.

Always try to tell positively about your past company and colleagues (Tell that your colleagues helped you a lot in the job) even through it was a bitter experience you had which creates a positive impression on you by the interviewer.

10. You Follow Up The Interviewer.

After the interview try to send a mail regards thanking him and tell your interest for that position and follow the instructions of interviewer gives to you.

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