General Knowledge / Important Revolutions In India

Arevolutionis a very sharp change made to something.Here the change always related to products.

S.No Revolution Name Related To Father Associated
1 Black Revolution Petroleum Production
2 Blue Revolution Fish Production Dr.Arun Krishnan
3 Brown Revolution Leather, Cocoa Hirlal Chaudri
4 Golden Fibre Revolution Jute Production
5 Golden Revolution increasing the production os Horticulture, Honey, Fruit Production Nirpakh Tutej
6 Green Revolution Enhance Agriculture Production M.S.Swaminathan
7 Grey Revolution Fertilizers
8 Pink Revolution to increase production of onions, Prawn Durgesh Patel
9 Red Revolution Meat, Tomato Production Vishal Tewari
10 Evergreen Revolution Intended For Overall Agriculture Production Growth
11 Round Revolution Potato Production
12 Silver Fibre Revolution Cotton Production
13 Silver Revolution Egg Production Indira Gandhi
14 White Revolution transforming India from the milk deficient country (Dairy, Milk Production) Verghese Kurien
15 Yellow Revolution Oil Seed Production Sam Pitroda
16 Round Revolution Potato

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