Engineering Reference Tables / Indian and International Currency System

The Indian rupee (sign: ₹; currency code: INR) is the official currency of India. International Currency System

Indian currency system International currency system Value Multiple of
Ones One's 1 1*100
Ten's Ten's 10 1*101
Hundred Hundred 100 1*102
Thousand Thousand 1000 1*103
Ten thousand Ten Thousand 10000 1*104
One Lakh Hundred Thousand 100000 1*105
Ten Lakh Million 1000000 1*106
One Crore Ten Million 10000000 1*107
Ten Crore  Hundred Million 100000000 1*108
One Arab/Hundred Crore Billion 1000000000 1*109
Ten Arab/Thousand Crore Ten Billion 10000000000 1*1010
One Kharab/Ten Thousand Crore Hundred Billion 1E+11 1*1011
Ten Kharab/One Lakh Crore Trillion 1E+12 1*1012
One Neel/Ten Lakh Crore Ten Trillion 1E+13 1*1013
Ten Neel/One crore crore Hundred Trillion 1E+14 1*1014
One Padma Quadrillion 1E+15 1*1015
Ten Padma Ten Quadrillion 1E+16 1*1016
One Shankh Hundred Quadrillion 1E+17 1*1017
Ten Shankh Quintrillion 1E+18 1*1018
One Mahashankh Ten Quintrillion 1E+19 1*1019
Ten Mahashankh Hundred Quintrillion 1E+20 1*1020
One Ank Sextillion 1E+21 1*1021
Ten Ank Ten Sextillion 1E+22 1*1022
One Jald Hundred Sextillion 1E+23 1*1023
Ten Jald Septillion 1E+24 1*1024
One Madh Ten Septillion 1E+25 1*1025
Ten Madh Hundred Septillion 1E+26 1*1026
One Parardha Octillion 1E+27 1*1027
Ten Parardha Ten Octillion 1E+28 1*1028
One Ant Hundred Octillion 1E+29 1*1029
Ten Ant Nonillion 1E+30 1*1030
One Shisht Ten Nonillion 1E+31 1*1031
Ten Shisht Hundred Nonillion 1E+32 1*1032
One Singhar Decillion 1E+33 1*1033
Ten Singhar Ten Decillion 1E+34 1*1034
One Maha Singhar Hundred Decillion 1E+35 1*1035
Ten Maha Singhar Undecillion 1E+36 1*1036
One Adant Singhar Ten Undecillion 1E+37 1*1037
Ten Adant Singhar Hundred Undecillion 1E+38 1*1038

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