English / Internet Acronyms

It is an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word.

S.No Acronyms Abbreviation / Meaning
1 2F4U Too Fast For You
2 4YEO FYEO For Your Eyes Only
3 AAMOF As a Matter of Fact
4 ACK Acknowledgment
5 AFAIK As far as I know
6 AFAIR As far as I remember / recall
7 AFK Away from Keyboard
8 AKA Also known as
9 B2K BTK Back to Keyboard
10 BTT Back to Topic
11 BTW By the Way
12 B/C Because
13 C&P Copy and Paste
14 CU See you
15 CYS Check your Settings
16 DIY Do it Yourself
17 EOBD End of Business Day
18 EOD End of Discussion
19 EOM End of Message
20 EOT End of Thread / .. Text / .. Transmission
21 FAQ Frequently asked Questions
22 FACK Full Acknowledge
23 FKA Formerly known as
24 FWIW For what it's Worth
25 FYI / JFYI (Just) For your Information
26 FTW Fuck the World / For the Win
27 HF Have fun
28 HTH Hope this Helps
29 IDK I don't know
30 IIRC If I Recall / Remember Correctly
31 IMHO In my Humble Opinion
32 IMO In my Opinion
33 IMNSHO In my not so Humble / Honest Opinion
34 IOW In other Words
35 ITT In this Thread
36 LOL Laughing out loud
37 DGMW Don't get me wrong
38 MMW Mark my Words
39 N/A Not Available / Applicable
40 NaN Not a Number
41 NNTR No need to Reply
42 noob n00b Newbie
43 NOYB None of your Business
44 NRN No Reply Necessary
45 OMG Oh my God
46 OP Original Poster, Original Post
47 OT Off Topic
48 OTOH On the other Hand
49 PEBKAC Problem exists between Keyboard and Chair
50 POV Point of View
51 ROTFL Rolling on the Floor Laughing
52 RSVP Repondez s'il vous plait (French: Please reply)
53 RTFM Read the fine Manual
54 SCNR Sorry, could not Resist
55 SFLR Sorry, for late Reply
56 SPOC Single Point of Contact
57 TBA To be Announced
58 TBC To be Continued / To be Confirmed
59 TIA Thanks in Advance
60 TGIF Thanks God, its Friday
61 THX TNX Thanks
62 TQ Thank You
63 TYVM Thank You Very Much
64 TYT Take your Time
65 TTYL Talk to you Later
66 w00t Whoomp, there it is; Meaning "Hooray"
67 WFM Works for Me
68 WRT With Regard to
69 WTH What the Hell / What the Heck
70 WTF What the Fuck
71 YMMD You made my Day
72 YMMV Your Mileage may vary
73 YAM Yet Another Meeting
74 ICYMI In Case you missed it

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