Health / Kitchen Healers

Ingredients Way To Use Benefits
Cumin Its seeds used to cure acidity drink and also used its tea for sleep Boost immune system, Induce Sleep, relieve bloating acidity.
Cinnamon It is used as a detox drink can be added to tea, coffee, curries, soup and stew. boost skin health, fight allergies, Anti-inflammatory, rich in antioxidants
Oats It is mixed with milk for face cleanser Rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.
Olive oil It’s a substitute of regular cooking oil and used to massage face and hair. Anti- aging, Strengthen Immune system, natural moisturizer for skin and hair.
Fennel Its seeds, tea make detox water Remedy for bloating , Aids digestion, detoxify,  menstrual h breathe freshener
Buttermilk Its drinking helps in digestion and used as a toner for clear skin. sooth stomach, brighten complexion , Fights acidity, improve digestion
vinegar (ACV) It is used in salads, drink, facial toner, hair rinse. Aid in weight loss, Clear acne, Treat Cold, Sore throat, Shiny hair
Yougurt It is useful in a hair and face masks. Health digestion, treat dandruff, boosts immune system and brightens skin.
Mint Mint leaves used in bath water to clean skin. Heal acne soothe burns effective remedy for bloating, migraine and nausea
Fenugreek It is useful in a hair and face masks. Hair fall remedy, Reduce Inflammation, treat digestive problem, Clear skin.

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