Health / Life Extension Foods

S. No Food Name Details Image
1 Broccoli It has high nutrients and low calorific values.
2 Grapes It has high nutrients and low calorific values.
3 Berries It has antioxidants which increases immunity which frees from diseases.
4 Garlic It stops the formation of harm full chemicals in the body and reduces the cancer risk.
5 Olive oil It is a unsaturated fat and makes heart to function fine and prevents cancer.
6 Bok Choy It contains nutrients (fiber, vitamin c and folate) which prevent the cancer.
7 Avacado It lowers the bad cholesterol and helps the heart to function fine.
8 Tomatos It prevents the cancer.
9 Beans It increases the levels of fatty acid and protest against the cancer.
10 Grains Helps against diabetes, heart disease, some cancers, obesity, reduce cholesterol, blood sugar and pressure.
11 Dark Chocolates It reduces the stress in the body.
12 Red Meat Eating of red meat results in heart and cancers and other diseases.
13 White Meat It is rich in protein and is good for health.
14 Nuts

It is good for health.

15 Pork It is rich in protein and is good for health.
16 Corn It is good for health.
17 Vegetables It consists of vitamins, minerals e.t.c
18 Bananas It is rich antioxidants prevents cancer.
19 Fish It (Salmon, tuna, and oily fish) contains omega-3 fatty acids which prevents heart disease.
20 Coconut It is rich in fat, fiber and protein.

S.NO Drink Name Details
1 Alcohol Drinking small quantities (Red wine) is good for health.
2 Green Tea It is rich antioxidants
3 Black Coffee It is a light protein.

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