English / Modal Auxiliary Verbs

Modal Auxiliary Verbs are used to express (ability, possibility, permission or obligation, necessity, capability, willingness), used for forming tenses, questions, the passive, etc.

Modal Auxiliaries/ Modal Verbs List
S. No Modal Verbs Indicate / Says
1 Can Ability, Request
2 May Permission / future possibility
3 Must Necessity / obligation
4 Shall Offer / suggestion
5 Will Willingness, certain prediction / promise
6 Could Past ability , suggestion, future possibility
7 Might Present / future possibility
8 Ought What’s right and correct
9 Should Advice / certain prediction
10 would Request, Invitation / making arrangements.

These verbs also indicate negative: could not, may not, should not, etc.

Modal Auxiliaries Indicating Present / Past Tense Include:
S. No Present Tense Past Tense
1 Will Would (used to)
2 Can Could
3 Must (have to) (Had to)
4 May Might
5 Should (ought to) (had better) Should (ought to)

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