Islam / Muslims Holy Places

3 holy places for Muslims. They were
1. Masjid.
2. Mecca.
3. Medina.

It is the place where Muslims pray 5 times a day. Every Friday Muslims meet at the masjid for special prayer and teaching from the imam.

Islam lies in the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Muhammad who founded Islam considered by Muslims as the final and greatest prophet of Allah, was born in Mecca in AD 570. The city contains the Cave of Hira, where it is believed by Muslims that Muhammad received new revelation from Allah. This revelation was written down and collected by the prophet’s followers to form the Quran. Muhammad returned with an army of followers and conquered Mecca in the name of Islam. The mosque in the world built for  all who participate in the hajj.

It is the place for the Prophet’s Mosque. Muslims also believe Muhammad received some of his final revelations from Allah in Medina.

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