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Nakshatra Padas

# Nakshatra Pada - 1 Pada - 2 Pada - 3 Pada - 4
1 Ashwini Tendency to use other's wealth Childish in acts Fortunate Enjoys pleasures; longlived
2 Bharani Sacrificial in disposition Rich and happy Inflicting suffering Incurs poverty
3 Krittika Radiant Has knowledge of scriptures Experiences grief Enjoys longevity and many sons
4 Rohini Highly prosperous Incurs evils Timid in disposition Truthful
5 Mrigashira Kingly in status Tendency to use other's wealth Enjoys pleasures Endowed with wealth and grains
6 Ardra Spendthrift In the grip of poverty Short-lived Tendency to use other's wealth
7 Punarvasu Happy Learned Weak health Not truthful
8 Pushyami Long-lived Tendency to use other's wealth Enjoys pleasures Intelligent
9 Ashlesha Childless In servitude Weak health Very prosperous
10 Magha No male progeny Male progeny Suffers from dangerous disease A scholar
11 Purvaphalguni Skilful person Righteous Inflicting suffering Short-lived
12 Uttaraphalguni Scholar Ruler of the earth Successful Righteous
13 Hasta Heroic Learned Weak health Wealthy
14 Chitra Tendency to use other's wealth Artist Truthful Learned
15 Swati Tendency to use other's wealth Short-lived Charitable King
16 Vishakha Well-versed in justice and policy-making Versed in sciptures Learned Endowed with longevity
17 Anuradha Fierce Charitable Long-lived Questionable history
18 Jyeshtha Inflicting suffering Enjoys pleasures Quite intelligent Male issues
19 Moola Enjoys pleasures Sacrificial disposition Endowed with good friends Lordly
20 Purvashadha Excellent person Kingly Eloquent in speech Wealthy
21 Uttarashadha Lordly Inimical (even) to friends Honourable Religious
22 Shravana Highly honourable Endowed with virtues Scholar Charitable
23 Dhanishtha Enjoys longevity Scholar Timid in disposition Under the influence of a great woman
24 Shatabhisha Eloquent in speech Wealthy Endowed with happiness Male offspring
25 Purvabhadrapada Valorous Tendency to use other's wealth Possesses great intelligence Enjoys pleasures
26 Uttarabhadrapada Kingly Tendency to use other's wealth Male issues Happy
27 Revati Spiritual wisdom Tendency to use other's wealth Winner in battles Incurring grief

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