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Narcotic(Fentanyl, Heroin, Hydromorphone, Methadone, Morphine, Opium, Oxycodone) is a drug / substance that affects mood of human when consumed for for non-medical purposes, especially one sold illegally. Narcotic(Fentanyl, Heroin, Hydromorphone, Methadone, Morphine, Opium, Oxycodone) a drug that relieves pain and induces drowsiness, stupor, or insensibility.

Drug Name Details Image
Fentanyl It synthetic opioid drug used for pain relief and anesthetic. It is stronger than morphine and heroin.

Other Names:
Dance Fever, Goodfellas, Great Bear, He-Man, Poison and Tango & Cash, Apace, China Girl, China Town, China White.

Injected, inhale through the nose, smoked, taken as a pill / tablet.

Side Effects
weakness, dizziness, irregular menstruation, decreased sexual desire, sudden alteration of behavior, hives, rashes and itching, Drowsiness, stomach pain, gas, heartburn, weight loss, difficulty urinating, changes in vision, Anxiety, depression, difficulty in asleep, dry mouth, uncontrollable shaking of body parts, back pain, chest pain, sores, mouth , swelling of hands , arms, feet, ankles, or lower legs, heartbeat changes , hallucinations, fever, sweating, coordination loss, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea loss of appetite.
Heroin It is processed from morphine and extracted from certain poppy plants. Its flavors are white powder , brownish powder and black sticky liquid substance (Black Tar)

Other Names:
Horse, Negra, Big H, Black Tar, Chiva, Hell Dust,Smack, Thunder.

Injected, smoked, sniffed/snorted.

Side Effects :
vomiting, Itching, Metal disorder, drowsiness , Collapsed veins, Insomnia, Infections of your heart lining and valves, Skin infections, kidney disease, Mental disorders, pneumonia and tuberculosis, Menstrual problems , Euphoria, dry mouth, Warm, flushed skin.

Hydromorphone It is used as pain reliever and stonger than morphine. Other names:
Footballs, Juice, Smack , Dillies, Dust.

Orally, Injected, inhale through the nose, smoked, taken as a pill / tablet.

Side Effects :
kidney disease, asthma, allergic rhinitis (hay fever), urticaria (hives), adrenal gland problems, gallbladder problems, pancreas disorders, thyroid disorders, Constipation, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, feeling warm, sweating, itching, dry mouth, effects mood, skin infections, breathing problems, sleep problems, brain tumor, sudden alteration of behavior, mental illness , urination problems and liver diseases.
Methadone It is a Synthetic opiod prescribed as Methadose and Dolphine and used as a pain reliever, detoxification and maintenance of opioid addiction.

Other Names: Maria, Pastora, Salvia, Street Methadone, Water, Amidone, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Fizzies

Taken: Swallowed as a pill / injected.

Side Effects : dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite, decreased sexual potential, hallucinations, chest pain, dizziness, fainting, fastens heartbeat, breathing Problem, anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, sleeping problems, physical weakness, drowsiness,
Morphine It is non synthetic opioid prepared from opium and used for pain relief.

Other Names: Mister Blue, Morpho, Unkie, Dreamer, Emsel, First Line, God’s Drug, Hows, MS

Taken : Injected Oral solutions Tablets, capsules, suppositories

Side Effects : vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, weakness, dizziness, irregular menstruation, sexual potential is reduced, stomach pain and muscle pains, dry mouth, Headache, nervousness, mood changes, urinary problems, skin color change (blue / purple), agitation, hallucinations, fever, sweating, confusion, fast heartbeat, shivering, severe muscle stiffness, loss of coordination, nausea, drowsiness, fainting, chest pain, itching, swelling of eyes, face, mouth, throat, breathing problems.
Opium It is a nonsynthetic drug extracted from poppy plant.

Other Names: Dream Gun, Fi-do-nie, Gee, Black pill, Chandu, Chinese Molasses, Dopium, Guma, Midnight Oil, Zero Aunti, Aunti Emma, Big O

Taken: smoked / injected intravenously / pill form.

Side Effects : fast heartbeat, hallucination, headache, Increased sweating, mood changes fast, nervousness, nightmares, seizures, swelling of legs, tiredness , Constipation, Upset stomach, Vomiting, Stomach pain, Drowsiness, Dizziness, nausea, Anxiety, Blurred vision, blue lips and fingernails, chest pain, coma, confusion, small pupils, depression, Breathing problems, sleeping problems.
Oxycodone It is a semi synthetic opioid drug extracted from the poppy plant.

Other names:OC, Ox, Roxy, Perc, Oxy, Hillbilly Heroin, Kicker

Taken: Pills and tablets / chewed / swallowed Inhaling vapors by heating tablet on foil Crushed and sniffed or dissolved in water and injected

Side Effects : heart beat rate increase, diarrhea and stomach cramps, muscle pains, muscle weakness, tiredness , nausea and vomiting, constipation, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, physical weakness, itching, dry mouth, sweating, fever , breathing problems, confusion, sleeping problems, increased blood pressure

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