Health / Natural Healers

Ingredients Benefits Ways to use
Aloe vera Anti-bacterial,Anti fungal aand makes hair dandruff free Use as face gel, cleaner and hair mask
Baking soda Deep clean scalp and skin soften feet, teeth whitener, natural deodorant. Rub under armpit mix with water to make a scalp and facG scrub.
Turmeric Burns toxins, cure acne, treat Cure cough, cold heal wound anti –inflammatory antiviral, antioxidant Use in milk tea, soup and stew. Make a face mask.
Garlic Antiseptic, antibacterial , relieves cough and cold detoxifies Crush and use directly on wounds, vegetables saute with vegetales, add to saucesl
Ginger Antiseptic, antibacterial , relieves cough and cold, detoxifies Make ginger tea, add a few slices  to stir-fries, soup and salads.
Honey Improve digestion, lose weight relieve nausea, sore throat ,acne cure, and promote sleep Use as a face cleanser, wash hair, add to warm milk to help you sleep.
Lemon Detox, improve digestion lighten scars and dark spots, relieve cough and sore throat Make lemon tea for cough,use the juice  as a face toner for clear skin.
Coconut Promote hair growth, clear skin fade stretch marks, soften feet, treat  dry lips and cuticles. Massage warm oil on skin hair, lips, feet and and nails
Onion Treat cough, relieve stomach ache, promote hair growth` Consume onion juice to relive cough. Use as a hair mask.
Green tea Maintain body weight, boost digestion, healthy skin shiny nair Use as a hair rinse and face toner. Consume daily to improve health. `

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