Health / Natural Remedies for Allergy

Most people medication to solve allergies but there are also natural Remedies to avoid Allergy symptoms without spending much money every year.

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1 Water Its consumption maintains sinuses hydrated for better lymphatic circulations in your body, immune systems health and keeping your hydration levels high.
2 Flax Seeds fish & walnuts It is rich in selenium (anti-allergy mineral), omega 3 fatty acids which decrease the production of inflammatory chemicals in your body.
3 Eat fruits Eat fruits (Orange, Strawberry, Apple kiwi) which contain vitamin C which acts as an anti-inflammatory to help counteract allergic reactions (sinuses and inflammation in the lungs).
4 Onions & Garlic They contain quercetin which preventive allergies that inhibits inflammatory reactions.
5 Tea Tea like chamomile and green tea (contains catechins) contains catechins which is used to suppress the enzyme that translates histidine to histamine.
6 Rosemary It contains rosmarinic acid which minimizes allergic reactions.

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