Health / Neem Oil Health Benefits

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1 Relieves symptoms of Ezcema It is rich in Vitamin E and Fatty Acids and reduce inflammation and heal abrasion soothes eczema irritation.
2 Fights Acne It contains aspirin like compound which removes the acne causing bacteria from the skin and reduce redness and inflammation also.
3 Fights Fungal Infections It contains gedunin and nimbidol which kills fungi that causes this infection.
4 Preventing Mosquito Breeding It is used a deterrent for ground of mosquito breeding. Emulsify  the water in the area with neem oil and the odour will discourage mosquitoes from breeding in that area.
5 Promotes Hair Growth It promotes hair growth and improves the quality of your hair.
6 Treat Head lice It is a safe way to remove head lice.
7 Treat Minor Wounds It is used to treat minor cuts and wounds.
8 Dandruff Treatment It is used to cure dandruff and dry scalp and improves scalp health.
9 Mosquito Repellent For lamp oil  add 10% of neem oil and allow it to burn. The Odour which of neem oil from this ward off the mosquitoes.

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