Astrology / Character of a Person’s By Month

S. No Month Name Persons Character
1 JANUARY Bold and alert , Intelligent and friendly
2 FEBRUARY Lucky and loyal, Romantic and smart.
3 MARCH Naughty and loyal, Caring and hot tempered.
4 APRIL Caring and strong, Special and adorable.
5 MAY Loving and practical, Sweet and funny.
6 JUNE Romantic and curious, Awesome and romantic.
7 JULY Adventurous and honest, Beautiful and sweet.
8 AUGUST Active and hardworking, Amazing and weird.
9 SEPTEMBER Sensitive and pretty, Smart and intelligent
10 OCTOBER Stylish and friendly, Unique and flirty.
11 NOVEMBER Nice and creative, Lovable and sarcastic
12 DECEMBER Confident and freedom loving, Crazy and honest.

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