Astrology / Planets and their General Charateristics

Planet Name Charateristics
Surya Pious, genuine, generous and benevolent, honorable, Able, Administrator, Kind And Generous, famous
Chandra unaccountable changes of mood, misleading, Aritstic, creative, Charitable, Likes, Changes And Travel, Calm, Adulterous
Kuja Egoistic,Courageous,hurried,stable, rude, Aggressive, Emotional, Dominating, Selfish, luxurious, Quarrelsome, practice of flattering , courageous, Anger, Qucik, can change one's mind, Retaliating,Cut And Dry,Hard Hearted
Budha Intelligent,Friendly,Witty,humorous,Romantic In Nature,Cunning,Diplomatic,Soft,Spoken,Discreminative,Explorative,able to adjust to new conditions,Opportunities.
Guru Religious, Noble, Respectable, Honourable, Independent And Dutiful.
Sukra Sexy, Addicted To Drinks, Fond Of Tasty Foods, Fond Of Luxury, Artistic, Passionate
Sani Lazy, Stubborn
Rahu Thief, Courageous, Adventurous, Executive.
Ketu Miser, Philosoper, Fault Finding In Nature, Religious,Recluse,religious ascetic who lives solely on alms.

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