Health / Most Poisonous Animals In The World

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1 Box Jellyfish It is the world’s most poisonous animal with tentacles, which have over 5,000 stinging cells, contains a toxin which kills their prey. It will be found in the waters surrounding Asia and Australia. It looks transparent and its tentacles produce nematocysts (toxin) reaches the blood, blood pressure increases may leads to a heart attack, and ultimately death. It small box jelly fish eat prawns & big box jellyfish eats fish. If it doesn’t eat it loses it weight up to 30 % in a day and shrinks. 1.jpg
2 King Cobra It is differ from other snakes because they spit the toxin more than 5 time then others in a single byte which can kill a big elephant and they jungles of India and China. Its toxin is very painful. 1.jpg
3 Marbled Cone Snail It injects its prey with 1 drop of venom which can kill up to 20 adult humans. For its venom there is no anti venom. So there is no way to treat the victim. So victim will die. They found in Indian oceans, Pacific oceans, Caribbean, Red seas, along the coast of Florida. 1.jpg
4 Blue Ringed Octopus Its can fit into your palm. It is found in Australia, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Papua, New Guinea. Its toxin can kill 26 adults at once. But if the victims given treatment can be saved without any side effects. 1.jpg
5 Death Stalker Scorpion They found in the Middle East and North Africa. Its Venom can cause a lot of pain, respiratory failure and the victim may die. 1.jpg
6 Stonefish Its back is lined with 13 spikes that inject venom from two sacs connected to their spine. Its venom causes pain, paralysis and tissue death depending. They found in found in the tropical marine waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans, ranging from the Red Sea to the Queensland Great Barrier Reef. 1.jpg
7 Brazilian Wandering Spider Its color is bright yellow so these are referred as banana spider. Its venom contains neurotoxins can cause paralysis and death. 1.jpg
8 Inland Taipan Its 1 bite can kill 100 adult humans. It is found in Central Australia. It has a neurotoxin in its venom which is capable of killing a person within 45 minutes. Its bite can readily be treated. 1.jpg
9 Poison Dart Frog It warns the other animals that it is not fit to eat and its poison (batrachotoxin) is in their skin and affects anyone who touches or eats it. It is found in South and Central America or Hawaii. The toxin blocks nerve signals to muscles, causing paralysis and death. 1.jpg
10 Puffer Fish Its liver, kidneys, and spikes contain dangerous nerve toxins (tetrodoxin) that are poisonous to humans. It is prepared by licensed chef for eating by removing the above parts. They found in Japan, China, and the Philippines and Mexico. 1.jpg

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