Health / Poisonous Chemicals to Humans

Chemical Name Chemical Formula Liquid form Gas form Solid form Image Poisonous Percentage Causes
Arsenic H3AsO4 No No Yes 75% Bladder and Skin cancer
Lead Pb No No Yes 20-70% Lung cancer
Asbestos Mg3(Si2O5)(OH)4 No No Yes 40% Mesotheliomas
Hydrogen Cyanide HCN Yes No No 70% Brain Damage
Benzene C6H6 Yes No No 30% Leukemia
Cadmium Cd+2 No No Yes 86% Kidney and pancreatic cancer
Mercury Hg Yes No No 60% Minamata
Nicotine C10H14N2 No Yes No 95% Lung cancer
Polonium Po No No Yes 76% Lung cancer
Aluminium phosphide AIP No No Yes 37-100% Liver cancer
Formaldehyde CH2O No Yes No 37% Myeloid Leukemia
Carbon Monoxide CO No Yes No 20-25% Neurological Illness
Phosgene COCl2 No Yes No 80% Cardiovascular Failure
Chlorine Cl2 Yes No No 76% Lung cancer
Botulinum Toxin C6760 H10447 N1743 O2010 S32 Yes No No 96% Paralysis

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