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Letter Of Recommendation

It is a pleasure to hand out this recommendatory note for one of my favorite students, Ms. /Mr. Student Name, who is known to me as a diligent student for the past semester. Having handled the course of Software Engineering, I had the opportunity to evaluate her at close quarters during this period. She has always amazed me with her enthusiasm to seek profound knowledge in her academics. This enthusiasm coupled with her hard work and perseverance makes her stand out as one of the unique minds in the class. She would pursue her project works with immense alacrity that would make any staff member pat her. In my observation, she has the capability of completing the tasks with minimum guidance, making her intellectually independent. At the same time, she shows the rare and essential character to be a team person and work cohesively with her colleagues in achieving the set target. She is a person with a sense of imagination and has a potential to develop a high level of quality to achieve academic goals. Her urbane manners and cool disposition are among her most noteworthy attributes. Not only is she ever ready to take challenges that come her way but also practically approaches any given situation. Provided with all these qualities, she would bring laurels to herself and your university. I am delighted to strongly recommend her for an admission for the graduate study in your esteemed university with full financial support.


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