Astrology / Role of Planets

Every planet represents one / the other thing in all human experiences and these are all represented in the table below.

Planet Rules Behavioral Properties Transit Time Between Signs
Sun Leo Ego, normal Personality, Consciousness, strong and active 1 Month
moon Cancer Unconsciousness, Emotions, react / behave, without having to think, Habits, Moods 2-3 Days
Mercury Gemini, Virgo Mindful, Communicative, Intellect, Reason, Intelligence 3-4 Weeks
Venus Taurus, Libra Attraction, Love, Relationships, Art, Beauty, peace full 4-5 Weeks
Mars Aries Aggression, Sex, Action, Desire, Competition, Courage, Passion 6-7 Weeks
Jupiter Sagittarius Optimistic, sufficient, Understandable 12-13 Months
Saturn Capricorn Structure, Law, Restrict able, Discipline, Responsibile, legally bound, Ambition 2-3 Years
Uranus Aquarius Rebellion , Eccentricity, Unpredictable Changes, Reformation 7 Years
Neptune Pisces Dreams, Intuition, Mysticism, Imaginative, Delusions 10-12 Years
Pluto Scorpio Transformation, Power, Death, Rebirth, Gradual growth 12-15 Years

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