English / Sentence Classification Based on Function

Types of Sentences based on the Function
1. Declarative.
2. Interrogative.
3. Imperative.
4. Exclamatory.

Declarative Sentences
It is a sentence that makes a statement. Since it declares a statement, it is always ended with a period.

1.On Thursday we are going to see a movie.
2. We have been waiting for six weeks for the movie to open.
3. The reviews were excellent.

Interrogative Sentences
It is a sentence that asks a question. Since it asks a question, an interrogative sentence always ends with a question mark.

1. Are we going to see the movie on Tuesday?
2. How long have you been waiting for the movie to open?
3. What did the reviewers say about it?

Imperative Sentences
It is a sentence that makes a command. In many instances, the subject of an imperative sentence is understood to be you and is thus not stated. In other instances, the sentence may be phrased as a question, but does not end with a question mark.

1.Take this money in case you change your mind.
2. Clean up that mess!
3. Will you please favor us with a reply at your earliest convenience?
4. Would someone move those books to the other shelf, please?

Exclamatory Sentences
It is a sentence that conveys strong feeling. Many exclamatory sentences are very strongly stated declarative sentences. Since the exclamatory sentence conveys strong emotion, it is not found much in formal writing. An exclamatory sentence ends with an exclamation point.

1.They still have not called!
2. The dress is ruined!

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